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Before talking about the Support services, let’s have a look on what is Hotmail and what are its features. Most of you might be aware of already that it is an emailing application which is developed by the renowned company Microsoft. This application has the potential to fulfill all your emailing needs and more. It possesses the kind of features that facilitate the user in all of the tasks, from managing your emails to saving contact and data. Moreover, it has a fairly facile interface which enables any new user to use this application efficaciously. We hope that this account was competent enough to get you a fair idea about this utility. Let’s take a look on some of its features:

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  • Tight security against hackers
  • Can send files up to 10 GB with the help of Skydrive
  • Real time document collaboration
  • Innovative filters to sort out emails
  • Spam management
  • Can view conversations only with a click

Now, coming to the Support service, we will take you through all the necessary points that you must know about it. For the starters we will answer the question:

What is Hotmail Support?

When you hear word support, you immediately think of some kind of help or assistance; this is exactly what we are. The team at Hotmail Customer Support comprises well experienced professionals, who have acquired immense knowledge in technical field over the years. They are highly effective when it comes to troubleshooting problems related to your Hotmail account and are experts in serving their customers the right way. The one thing that sets them apart from the crowd is that they are very patient in listening to the customer’s issues and are staunch in their belief that the customer’s satisfaction is the utmost priority and under no circumstances it should be compromised.

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What is the purpose of Hotmail Tech Support?

As the name suggests, our Hotmail Technical Support team troubleshoots all the technical glitches and issues that might occur in your account. They are rare though, but they cannot be ignored. If the problems are several then so are their solutions and it the sole job of the technicians in the support team to find the most reliable solutions, which will ultimately help the customers troubleshoot their problems. Some of the problems for which we provide our assistance are:

  • Problems related to Sign in and Sign out.
  • Recovery of forgotten or wrong Passwords
  • Resolving technical issues with the Hotmail account
  • Help in the process of customization
  • Recovery of hacked accounts
  • Any server related problems

In the light of above-mentioned issues, you must contact Hotmail Helpdesk to get the most feasible solutions for troubleshooting. Moreover, connect with us regarding other issues with your hotmail account as well.

Contact Hotmail Customer Service for Technical Issues

In what we say, there is no intention of bragging but we’re merely stating the facts. We at Hotmail Customer Service are a group of diligent and hard-working experts, who are there to help you 365 days a year, because we believe that problems do not knock on your door like opportunities do. We value the time of our customers which is why we never make them wait for more than a minute to provide our assistance unlike the official Hotmail Support where a customer has to wait for more that 5 minutes to get to a technician. We are the third party providers but we are as credible as it gets. Moreover, we give you our assurance that we utterly respect your privacy.

Ways to Hotmail Customer Helpline

It is very easy to reach us; all you have to do is dial our Hotmail Support Number 1800-958-218 to get to our technicians. You can moreover, emails us your query or better yet can avail the benefits of our live chat support services. We promise to give you solutions in real time.